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[पंजीकरण] भावांतर भरपाई योजना हरियाणा|Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana Haryana 2021 Full Details

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[पंजीकरण] भावांतर भरपाई योजना हरियाणा|Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana Haryana 2021 Full Details: This is a Bhavantar scheme is a unique scheme from the Govt of Haryana for the horticultural growers to compensate the government for the low price of their produce in Mandi. This is scheme objective is Reducing the risk of farmers by preservation price during the low price of vegetables and fruits in the market. also Encouraging farmers to diversify into agriculture.

bhavantar bharpai yojana

Features of Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana

There are 5 features of this Bhavantar Yojana, Check it below-

  1. Risk-free to vegetable tenants.
  2. The income of Rs 48000 to Rs 56000 per acre on the 4 crops under.
  3. Website on selling prices within the period specified in Mandi vegetable ( on BBY offset by the difference of government prices ranging from registered farmers protect value through e-portal.
  4. Saving prices for all the vegetables like onion, tomato, potato and cauliflower) under the scheme.
  5. Eligible to avail the benefit of this scheme from landowner, tenant or tenant on rent.

Time Table of Sowing and Harvesting

bhavantar timetable

Online Registration, Verification and appeal details

bhavanatr online reg and ver

In First Phase Crops included under the scheme, Protected price and fixed production

  • Four crops: Tomato, Onion, Potato and Cauliflower.
  • Preserved value and fixed production of identified crops.
NumberCrop nameProtected Price (Rs per quintal)Fixed production (quintal per acre)

Bhavantar Required Documents

  • One of the following identity cards of the farmer:
    • Aadhar Card
    • Driving license
    • Passport
    • Election id
  • Passport size photo.
  • Bank account details.
  • Copy of the first page of bank passbook.
  • Description of the seeded crop.
    Name of the scheme Name of the
    Populated area
    Khasra and fort number of acres
    Farmer’s class (landowner, tenant and tenant or joint)

Verification of registered farmers

  • The farmers registered under this scheme will be verified by the Revenue Officer with the help of the employees of the Horticulture Department.
  • The seeded area information about ​​each crop given on the portal by farmers will be approved and verified by the Revenue Officer with the help of the employees.

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How to Avail the Scheme

  • The producer has to ensure his registration on the e-portal during the stipulated period, otherwise, he will not be eligible for the incentive amount under this scheme.
  • The producer has to ensure the sale of his produce in the mandis of Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board during the stipulated sales period.
  • Under this scheme, it will be mandatory for the producer to take “J” form on selling his product to get the incentive amount.

Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana Registration Process

  • In order to avail benefits under this scheme, it is mandatory for the farmer to register on the Marketing Board website through the Horticultural Exposure (BBY) e-portal during the sowing period.
  • Horticulture Department. will give the Field certification of registered farmers.
  • Provision for filing an appeal by the farmer if he is dissatisfied with the certified area.
  • Manufacturer’s free registration.
  • Registration will be open only during the scheduled period.
  • Registration facility will be available at Sarva Seva Kendra / e-Disha Kendra / Marketing Board / Horticulture Department / Agriculture Department and Internet Kiosk.
  • Determination of registration, verification, appeal and sale period:
    • Registration will be valid only in the period shown in the table below.
    • The verification and appeal will be in the period indicated in the table below.
    • Incentives valid during the sales period shown in the table below.
NumberCrop nameRegistration periodVerification periodAppeal period against verification etc.Sale period
date startedClosing datetilltillDuring
1.potato15 September31 October30 November15 December1 December – 31 March
2.onion15 December15 February15 March25 MarchApril 1st – May 31st
3.tomatoes15 December15 February15 March25 March1 April – 15 June
4.Cauliflower15 September31 October30 November15 December1 December – 31 March
5.Kinnu1 September30 November15 December31 December1 December – 28 February
6.carrotOctober 130-November15-December31 December1 December – 28 February
7.peas1 October30 November15 December31 December1 December – 28 February