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Tips to Crack RRB NTPC 2021 in your First Attempt

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Job in Railways is a dream of every Govt job aspirant. For them, RRB NTPC is a good career option. Candidates wait eagerly for this exam, and many of them clear it on the first attempt. However, few fail to cross this hurdle and get disappointed. But, don’t worry, readers, you have all caliber and potential to clear the exam. Just follow these guidelines mentioned below. These tactics will help you in designing a proper study plan. Stick to them and follow it daily if you wish to clear RRB NTPC in the first attempt.

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How can I clear the RRB NTPC exam on the first attempt?

Clearing any Govt exam depends on your strategy and the dedication you put during preparation. You are not the one who is applying for this exam. Over crores of applicants who meet RRB NTPC Eligibility Criteria appear for the exam. Therefore, you need to think something out of the box.

1. Practice previous year question papers

Don’t underestimate the power of previous year question papers. You can search for them online or visit the nearest book store. Solve as many questions as possible for RRB NTPC because, in the upcoming exam, the exam pattern will remain the same, and if you are lucky, you may get similar kinds of questions. Practice each topic question of different difficulty level. Don’t cheat yourself by solving solved papers by looking at their answers behind the text. Solve unsolved papers to test your knowledge and ability.

2. Rigorous practice

Practice makes a man perfect. It is a famous proverb that you should follow during exam preparation. Completing a couple of sample papers is not enough for you. Add more to your pending list and solve as many questions as you can. Put your best to get the best. By continuously practicing, you can solve problems during the exam in a shorter amount of time. Plenty of online study materials are available to aid in your preparation. Practice them as well to master over concepts.

3. Reading habit

Who loves to read the entire novel or book? Hardly 20% of you are serious readers; rest skip the content and move to the next page. Turning pages won’t solve the purpose. Cultivate the reading habit and read monthly magazines or newspapers daily. That doesn’t mean reading only the headline but also the story and content in it. Consume every part of the information to increase your general knowledge and current affairs. If you feel shy to read in front of others, pack yourself in a room and read loudly in front of the mirror. It will increase your vocabulary skills, as well.

4. Learn formulas

We know that mathematics horrifies many of you. Almost half of the student’s population are scared of mathematics. But, bitter medicine is for your wellness. You aim to fit yourself in one of the RRB NTPC Vacancies and don’t make excuses for not learning formulas. If you don’t learn formulas, how will you attempt mathematical questions in the RRB NTPC exam? You can join online tuitions or learn Vedic maths to get shortcuts and tricks to solve problems.

5. Revision

Don’t be overconfident because you will ultimately fall during exams. Revise your notes or formulas before appearing for exams. Also, you can do a daily revision and make notes of what you have learned on a particular day. It will help in identifying our strengths and weakness areas. Chalk out topics that you found challenging. Ask your doubts to your tutor or subject matter experts. Clear your concepts in the early stage of preparations to come up with flying colours.

6. Mock test

For every exam, students prepare mock test papers. Do the same for the RRB NTPC exam. Solve its questions and evaluate yourself whether you are ready or not for exams. It improves your time management skills and accuracy level in solving problems.